Want to make the Dutch enthusiastic with your written communication?

Editing is checking your written communication. Is it all ready for the Netherlands? Is it written flawlessly? Is it especially written for your target audience? Did you use the correct style in your communication so that it’s appealing to your desired audience? Is the answer to all these questions ‘yes’? Congratulations, go for it!

Are you in doubt? Then I’ll get started right away. I will make sure that your content matches your offer, your company and your Dutch target audience.


For editorial work, or ‘revision’ as we call it in the world of translation, I’ll charge an honest price of € 65,- per hour.

Bringing your fashion brand across the border to reach the Dutch audience? Contact me to make the Netherlands enthusiastic about what you have to offer.

♥ Your communication must be special; especially for your offer, especially for your clients and therefore especially for you ♥